I was so happy to be a on the guest panel yesterday at the showing of the Big Break Dance Contest at the Mayles Cinema on Lenox Ave and 127th St. So good to be recognized for my paticipation in that event of over 600 contesting bboy, bgirls, and electric boogie poppers. As one of the members of The Fantastic Duo where we won 2nd prize in the finals, I was able to represent my crew there.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and wish that the other half of The Fantastic Duo Robert Steele was there to enjoy this moment. It’s been 30 years and because of my experience at that event, I am sure that it has a lot to do with my continuation in the dance scene for all of these years.

I am totally blessed to have the career that I have. I want to thank all of the crews that I have been apart of all of for most of my life from the beginning: The Float Committee, The Fantastic Duo, The Rhythm Technicians, Mop Top, and Elite Force.